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Craig Townsend (Dip. Clin. Hyp.) is an experienced mental trainer and clinical hypnotherapist who has worked with soccer coaches, players and teams over the past 25 years (and a wide variety of other athletes and sports), creating powerful transformational audio programs to help players overcome slumps and barriers, increase their confidence and belief, mentally relax, and access their greatest skills when under massive pressure.   

He has created many audio recordings for university coaches designed specifically for their teams, blending a wide variety of mental techniques to create powerful programs that get results fast - which have become deeply popular around the globe over the past two decades.   He has created over 80 separate audio products for various topics, and is is happy to be contacted via email for advice or comment.



  Soccer players hypnosis  
































Soccer players hypnosis

Mind Training for Soccer

- Daily Hypnosis / Visualization
* Plus Bonus Recordings:
- Essential Mental Training Info
- Night-time Sleep Subliminal
- Goalkeeper's Hypnosis
- Goalkeeper's Sleep Subliminal

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